Winston Zin is Impakt Founder & CEO
Winston Zin
Founder & CEO
Hakim Bawa is founder & CTO of Impakt
Hakim Bawa
Founder & CTO
Jeremy Chou is partner of Impakt
Jeremy Chou
CGO & VP of Asia

Select Angels & Advisors

Kevin Lin is Impakt Advisor
Kevin Lin
Founder of Twitch
Tim Howes is Impakt Advisor
Tim Howes
CTO of Netscape
Kai Huang is Impakt Advisor
Kai Huang
Founder of Guitar Hero
Forrest Griffin is Impakt Advisor
Forrest Griffin
VP of Athlete
Development UFC
Chris Armsden is Impakt Advisor
Chris Armsden
Lead Technical Director of Blizzard
& Oscar Winner in VFX
Jonathan Hakim is Impakt Advisor
Jonathan Hakim
Founder of OffChain


Hasham Ullah is partner of Impakt
Hasham Ullah
Founder of Gymcraft
John Graham is partner of Impakt
John Graham
CEO of Lumaflex
Impakt AI Coach sees your performance and 
adapt your fitness journey to 
be as effective as possible.